Amazon Fillers for Free Super Saver Shipping


Amazon has free Super Saver Shipping or SSS for purchases that total at least $25. Why pay $8 for shipping when you only need to add a dollar or two to save on shipping cost? While it sounds simple enough, there are a few things you need to remember about getting SSS.

First of all, the amazon fillers you add to your cart must be sold by Amazon and not other vendors to qualify.  Secondly, you can only ship to a single US address and shipping time is generally 5-9 business days.

With that in mind, hunting for your cheap item to add to your cart to get SSS can be tiresome unless you use the Amazon Filler item finder.

Product prices closely matching the amount you need will be displayed for you in real time together with product photos and prices. Even if you need to add just $1, it’s not a problem since there are many $1 items to choose from. There are a lot of household products with prices ranging from $1-$6.

There are also sites that offer assistance with Amazon fillers.  Some of these sites claim to have complete listing of Amazon filler items. You may double-check prices from these sites, though, since Amazon prices may change quickly.

There is every reason to use the Amazon filler item finder whenever you shop at Amazon to save on shipping cost.  Just type in the amount you need to add to your cart and click on the returned product of your choice.

Amazon has many great bargains. With this newest feature added to improve your Amazon shopping experience, there is now every reason to get all that you need right from the comfort of your home or office. No more rushing to the mall and getting in line.  You can get anything you need with a click of your mouse, and with free shipping to boot.

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