Unique Wedding Cake Toppers That Will Really Impress Your Wedding Guests

Edible cake toppers are a fun way of decorating your cakes or cupcakes. They make these delicacies more festive and in line with any occasion’s theme. Other than making these delicacies more attractive to look at, they also make them more fun to eat. Another fun fact about edible cake toppers? They are so easy to make that you can make them yourselves!


What Are Edible Cake Toppers Made Of?

Edible cake toppers can be made from practically anything edible—chocolate, candy, fruits, you name it! They’re usually made from sweets but if you want to make your own topper, don’t let any recipe stop you. Remember, unique is better. Try experimenting in the kitchen and maybe you’ll discover a cake topper that’s better than any from the store.


What Are The Advantages of Putting Edible Cake Toppers On Your Cakes?

First and foremost, they make your cakes look pretty and more appetizing. Presentation is very important in food, especially in cakes because these are usually the symbol of any event. For many people, the nicer the presentation, the yummier they perceive the food to be. Edible cake toppers are also a better choice than regular cake toppers because what’s the point of decorating the cake with them if you can’t eat them? Regular toppers would just be a waste since they’d just be thrown in the trash while edible ones have the ability to make your guests smile when they eat it.


Edible cake toppers are definitely a fun addition to your cakes because they make it more personal and attractive. Though regular toppers can do this, edible ones are still better because they don’t go to waste. Edible toppers can actually be made from anything edible, so those who want to make their own can just experiment and see what they come up with. Who knows, you can be the next Martha Stewart!

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