The Moneymaking Potential of Quibids

Qui-Bids is a penny auction site that lets you bid on items for 60 cents or more and if you’re the last one to bid before the timer runs out, you get the item. Bidding wars are commonplace for this site because every bid increases the time by ten to twenty seconds, so what used to be ten seconds before the timer runs out can become a minute, two minutes, or ten minutes depending on the number of bidders. If you don’t want a bidding war, you can always click the “Buy Now” option of Quibids. In terms of the moneymaking potential of Qui-Bids, it’s important to remember that normal members don’t have the option to put up their own items for sale on the auction “table”.


The Rules of the Qui-Bid Game


  • A partnership instead of a registered account is required in order for someone to put up his or her items for sale in Qui-Bid. This is obviously in stark contrast with eBay, wherein all users can bid and offer items for bidding, but then again the way things are going with Qui-Bid is probably in exchange for its penny auctioneering nature. Besides which, there are other means to earn money from the site other than become an outright Qui-Bid partner.


  • Every item for auction at the Qui-Bid website are brand-new, so it’s possible to purchase or bid for them then resell them to others (you may even auction them off altogether again, if you so desire). These items are factory-sealed to boot; you won’t be bidding for any used items or even questionable ones like in eBay. These are bargains in every sense of the term.


  • Item reselling or even auctioning is viable for these items that you could very well acquire for only sixty cents in case there are no other takers for them or you can acquire at factory prices via the “Buy Now” option. So yes, there are means available to you when it comes to turning up a hefty profit via Qui-Bids.


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