Is The Penny Auction site Zbiddy A SCAM? Is Zbiddy Legit? is a traditional penny auction site where you have to pay-to-play. This site has built its reputation through a large number of daily actions that it hosted over a long period of time. Our user reviews shows that the of ease-of-winning rate for this site is quite high for this site. Items that are typically sold on a penny auction site include electronic items such as tablets, iPods, HDTV, kitchen ware, phones and so on. For skeptic who are thinking Zbiddy A SCAM? Is Zbiddy Legit? Please read on.


Best Features of ZBiddy

Exclusive Products: ZBiddy features quite a few varieties of different items that you will not see regularly featured on any other popular sites. These items include travel vouchers, magazine subscription, grocery coupons etc.

ZWheel: Zwheel gives you an option to win promotional bids by turning a wheel. You may get 1-10 bids per spin.

Buy it Now: this popular feature helps you reduce the risk associated with bidding. By using this feature you have the option to buy an item without bidding on it. If you have placed bid on it, it will be counted as discounts towards the purchase price.

ZBiddy Auctions

Free-to-bid: ZBiddy offers totally free-to-bid auctions from the beginning and does not require that you make a purchase to bid.

Penny Auction: the regular penny auction format that increases the price by 1 cent each time a bid is placed with the last person to bid when the time ends wins.

Nail Biter: instantaneous biddings that do not allow the use of bots.

Beginner Auctions: This is only for new users just like the name suggests.

Price Caps: This auction feature keeps the price of a selected item fixed regardless of number of bids placed.

Buy it Now: At any point throughout the auction, you have the option to buy an item by paying the retail price of it and using your bid’s worth towards the retail price. You may have the option to buy without making any bids on the item.


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